Google the Internet Nazi!


It seems Google feels they are the Internet Police and can flag any site at a whim. I recently had a clean site flagged by Google for Malicious Content which there was none. After asking for a review of my site Google refused and also refused to remove the Flag against said site. Since then I have had several 3rd Party companies check my site and all came back clean. Still Google will not remove the Flag against the site.

So who died and left Google in charge of the Internet? What’s to stop Google from censoring websites they are in competition with or do not like the content?

We have removed Google Adsense ads from this site and encourage others to do the say as well as blacklist any Google service.

UPDATE: We have found out why Google flagged our site and it is due to the LightIRC chat client we run on the site. There is nothing malicious about LightIRC and many website use it, but for some reason Google’s rogue app is flagging it as bad and will not remove the flag unless we remove LightIRC from our site. For which we will not do! Seems Google is trying to strong arm the site owner and trying to censor something they have no control of. Sorry Google this is not your site to control and we do not bow to your almighty greatness. Hey why don’t you remove all the copyrighted videos you make revenue off of on Youtube before you go around playing Internet Cop!

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  1. lightirc? how ridiculous. Breaking News: Google blacklists Mirc and Hexchat.

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