UK Border Force

UK Border Force is a documentary series that focused on the work of the border agency of the United Kingdom, and revealed the action behind the scenes of immigration to the country.

The series follows officers at London Heathrow Airport and the ports of Dover and Calais. The series also follows enforcement teams operating within the UK to detect illegal workers and highlights the work of entry clearance officers at British Missions overseas.

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Season 1

Ep 1 – Legitimate Business or Not?
Ep 2 – Paid Under the Table!
Ep 3 – Interviewing Visa Applicants in India
Ep 4 – A Day with London Street Ops
Ep 5 – Just Moving Tires to Calais?
Ep 6 – Routine Passport Check Doesn’t Go as Planned…
Ep 7 – How Far Would You Go for Your Family?
Ep 8 – Just Following the Routine?

Season 2

Ep 1 – Britain’s Biggest Visa Scam
Ep 2 – The Calais Jungle
Ep 3 – Sham Marriages
Ep 4 – Stolen Identity
Ep 5 – The Pig Farmer
Ep 6 – Operation Aardvark
Ep 7 – Nigerian Imposters
Ep 8 – Uncle London
Ep 9 – Nailed
Ep 10 – Snow Storm