CBS News


CBS News is a streaming video news channel operated by the CBS News and CBS Interactive divisions of CBS Corporation which launched on November 6, 2014. CBSN was designed primarily as a digital-oriented service; CBSN is distributed solely through the CBS News website, mobile apps, and via apps for digital media player devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, rather than traditional platforms such as television, broadcast or otherwise, though since September 21, 2015, some CBSN segments are repurposed on the CBS broadcast network itself as part of the new overnight news program CBS Overnight News.

The ad-supported service primarily features content from CBS News along with other CBS-owned properties, hosted throughout much of the day by various CBS News personalities, along with coverage of live events and breaking news. The service is designed primarily to appeal to a younger audience, providing a format that allows viewers to watch CBSN as a linear channel, or to watch segments of its programming on-demand.

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