How to use HexChat as a backup method to access site chat

How to use HexChat as a backup method to access site chat:

First download HexChat > HexChat v2.12.4 ( x86 / x64 ) [Choose the approperate version]

1.) Setup Network: Input your registered username and one alternate. Under Networks scroll down to Rizon, highlight it then from the right menu choose favor then tick Show favorites only and Skip network list on startup. Now click on connect.

2.) You will be asked to join a channel choose #cnn_2ndruntv for now and hit OK.

3.) Now navigate to the upper tool bar and choose HexChat.

4.) Then select Network List, with Rizon highlighted click on Edit on the right hand side.

5.) You will see Login method, click the scroll button and navigate to NickServ (MSG NickServ + password). Under that type your password for your registered Nick.

6.) Now click on the Autojoin Channels tab, then click Add and type in the channel you want to auto join into at login. Ex. #cnn_2ndruntv followed by hitting your Enter/Return Key.. Before closing this select/tick Connect to select server only & Connect to this network automatically.

7.) Now you can select Close at the button. Close HexChat and relaunch to make sure settings work. If they don’t recheck your settings.