How to use AdBlockPlus on site.


Use AdblockPlus on then use default settings, if you already played with the user settings default them all and check the box for Allow Acceptable Ads. If active, disable EasyList and any other lists you are running.

NOTE:  Instead of My Filter List, I made a Subscription List that will get updated via AdBlockPlus when we mack changes to the list. Click Here

Now in ‘My Filter List’ add these sites:


The click Save.

This will block the malicious ads from the video players (Shidurlive/Janjua) while allowing our non-intrusive ads which are Google AdSense ads.

Also install this Addon/Extension called No Coin as it blocks coin miners embedded on websites.





Add these three Subscriptions to your AdBlockPlus

Adware Filters

Malware Filters

2ndruntv List

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