Twitter suspends Zimmerman’s account

qv7dx3LTwitter has suspended George Zimmerman’s social media account after inappropriate photos appeared on his page Thursday.

“This is Heather. She cheated on me with a dirty Muslim,” read one tweet from Zimmerman’s account. Her phone number followed the post with a topless photo.

Within an hour, another tweet from his account read, “Did I go (too) far? I won’t even mention that she stole a gun and cash from me. Her line’s busy.”


It then displays her email address and another topless photo.

​One attorney told News 6 that while it was a bad move, it is probably not one that will lead to criminal charges.

“Did he make racist statements? Yeah. So has he done wrong here? Sure. But does it rise to the level of criminal conduct?” said Steven Kramer, founder of Kramer Law.

News 6 showed the tweets to Kramer, who said a new law in Florida bans revenge porn. It makes it a crime to post sexually explicit photos and videos on the Internet without consent.

“What you have here is definitely an image that is sexually suggestive or suggestive. Whether it qualifies as sexually explicit, I think that’s more of a gray area,” said Kramer.

That is because the photos appear to cut off right before revealing too much.

Twitter, however, suspended the account, only telling News 6 it has a policy against sharing private and confidential information.

Kramer said as far as testing a new law in court on Zimmerman, “No prosecutor wants to bring charges against George Zimmerman and lose. If they are going to bring a case, they want to make sure it’s rock solid.”

Late Wednesday night, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office told News 6 it has been contacted by the woman, and at this point, there is not enough for criminal charges.

News 6 is waiting to hear back from Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West.

SOURCE: Clickorlando