TEDx – Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation – Mirjam Heine – University of Würzburg


A disgusting TEDx Talk trying to normalize pedophilia by declaring that “pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality”.

They deleted this video from their official channel after it got too much negative feedback. TED.com is now trying to illegally censor this video by having it scrubbed from YouTube due to “copyright infringement”, even though the video is licensed under the Creative Commons.

One to two percent of the main male population is considered as pedophiles. This means worldwide more than 57 million people. Therefore, pedophilia is not an irrelevant phenomenon we can ignore. It is unrelated to class status and educational level. The medical student Mirjam Heine explains how an appropriate approach to the unchangeable sexual orientation pedophilia might look like. She is mainly guided by the works of Prof Dr. Dr. Beier, the head of the institute for sexology and sexual medicine at the University Hospital Berlin and the prevention network “Kein Täter Werden” (meaning “don’t offend”). Hence, she also believes that no one is responsible for their sexual orientation, for their feelings, but that everyone is responsible for acting upon this sexual orientation. She also inquires how all of us can gain if we distinguish clearly between our feelings and our actions. Since pedophiles can’t change their sexual desires, they must learn to control them to not act upon them.

More normalizing of Pedophilia by the Liberals, they won’t be happy until the World is turned into their twisted little Utopia!

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