Coffee Linked to Liver Health

635917523243055214-coffee-beer_359969_ver1.0You may have heard about a new study linking coffee to a lower chance of liver damage.

An analysis of nine studies totaling more than 430,000 participants linked drinking two cups of coffee each day to a 44-percent reduced risk of liver cirrhosis, a disease which can be caused by drinking a lot of alcohol.

That risk dropped even more among those who drank three or four cups of coffee a day.

The Director of the Liver Tumor Program at Roswell Park Cancer Institute says from this study, it’s unclear what in the coffee is impacting liver health. Dr. Srinevas Reddy says that if your coffee has a lot of sugar in it, that could end up causing fatty liver disease which could lead to cirrhosis.

“I think at the very most, the results of this study just sort of pique our interests in sort of some of the factors that may be modifiable in the degree of cirrhosis, but by no means should I think that people should go out and drink a bunch of coffee just to prevent them from getting cirrhosis or think that as long as they drink some coffee, they can drink as much alcohol as they want,” says Dr. Srinevas Reddy.

Dr. Reddy says in order to figure out whether it’s the caffeine in coffee affecting the ability to develop cirrhosis, controlled studies that follow patients for several years need to be done.

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