Why people are now freaking out over Starbucks’ holiday cookie

buckscupsxmasJust as Starbucks’ holiday cup controversy has settled down, there’s another flap brewing at the country’s largest coffee chain.

This time it’s about cookies in the shape of polar bears with a festive red scarf, which some on social media say looks like dripping blood. Since 2009, the cookies have been sold in stores every Christmas without comment, but for some reason this year the treats have taken on a darker meaning.

One reddit user noted, “These polar bear cookies at Starbucks look like they’ve all had their throats slit.”

Of course, not everyone’s a believer.

“I am both jealous and amazed that one’s brain can think of using that reference when looking at this picture. I could look at this for a week and not think of anything half as clever. Does this person read every day? Maybe they have been waiting their entire life to use that line and this was the perfect opportunity? Am I just retarded and no one is telling me?” wrote another reddit user.

An Imgur post, which has now been viewed by over 2.7 million times, has many weighing in on the dripping blood. One person called it “the happiest massacre I’ve ever seen :).”  Others referenced global warming. 

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Some people need to get a grip and quit dissecting things for what they are not.  I personally did not see a Polar Bear with it’s throat slit but a happy Polar Bear wearing a red scarf. But after reading the article I now see a not so happy Polar Bear, gee thanks for the pleasant thoughts. May I suggest a good shrink?

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