When moderation masks a radical agenda

Gulen Plan to Destroy America Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

The Gulen Movement remains a threat to the United States and Turkey

No one ever wants a Cosby moment, a moment when all of one’s suspected bad deeds are exposed to the world. Fettulah Gulen, the undisputable leader of the Gulen Movement was recently provided such a Cosby Moment, compliments of the FBI.

Mr. Gulen, a Muslim cleric from Turkey, with an elementary education only, is a mysterious fellow. In cables divulged by WikiLeaks, the U.S. Department of State described Mr. Gulen as “a ‘radical Islamist’ whose moderate message cloaks a more sinister and radical agenda.” He is reputed to be worth roughly $25 billion, although no one seems to know from where he earned this tidy sum. Most notably and despite the Department of State’s perspective, he espouses principles of tolerance and multiculturalism. Yet upon deeper investigation, he is a true, dyed-in-the-wool Islamist who wishes to transform the United States and Turkey into Shariah states.

Mr. Gulen lives in the United States in self-imposed exile, a seat from which he runs a vast and questionable network of charter schools and overlapping nonprofit organizations and businesses, and, as evidence presented in U.S. and Turkish courts shows, actively agitates and plots the overthrow of the democratically-elected government in Turkey, one of the few stable allies the United States possesses in the Middle East, a NATO-member and the lynchpin to defeating ISIS and to bringing peace to Iraq and Syria.

As the proprietor of the largest network of charter schools in the United States, Mr. Gulen receives hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Active investigations into the financial malfeasance of the Gulen schools are ongoing in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Ohio and other states, this, in addition to an active investigation by the FBI. According to state and local law enforcement reports, the Gulen Movement, in collusion with various nonprofit organizations and companies directly linked to the Gulen Movement, are playing a sort of shell game with taxpayer funds. Gulen schools pay high rental fees on properties owned by Mr. Gulen, construction and renovations of Gulen facilities are performed by Gulen businesses and vast sums are spent on facilitating the entry of young Turkish men to the United States.

These men, disciples all, are brought to the United States to replace qualified and credentialed American teachers and, allegedly, to proselytize American children into a Turkey-centric, Islamist movement — a sort of fifth-column seeking to infiltrate American society through children in an attempt to transform America, as in the case of Turkey, into a Shariah state. These men account for over 5,000 highly questionable H-1B visas, more than Google, who are suspected of indentured servitude to the Gulen Movement and thus investigated under anti-Human Trafficking statutes.

Mr. Gulen is embroiled in a law suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania claiming that Mr. Gulen and his movement committed human rights violations against members of a rival political party in Turkey. The suit is seeking the extradition of Mr. Gulen to stand trial on these and other charges.

As in the United States, in Turkey the Gulen Movement is continually under investigation for engaging in a wide range of covert efforts to infiltrate all aspects of Turkey’s government, media and business, including law enforcement and the judiciary with the goal of thwarting constitutional order and the democratically elected government. Turkish prosecutors and police, manipulated by the Gulen Movement, have targeted senior military officers with false criminal charges, illegally tapped phones, and jailed secular journalists who have failed to follow a strict Islamic line.

Again, as in the United States, the Gulen Movement embeds itself into the educational infrastructure of Turkey, with its network of schools that radicalize children and turn them away from the ideals of modern Turkey — in much the same way that madrassas do in other nations.

Although the FBI and state and local law enforcement are ardently investigating the Gulen Movement’s vast charter school network for its fraud against the American taxpayers, the FBI, in specific, should expand and deepen its investigation to uncover the motives associated with young Turkish men teaching American children — namely the proselytization of American children to Islamist doctrine — when a glut of qualified and credentialed teachers exists.

From a geo-political standpoint, an expanded investigation will uncover what the U.S. Department of State already knows of Fettulah Gulen — that he is “a ‘radical Islamist’ whose moderate message cloaks a more sinister and radical agenda.” It will also likely go far to exposing Fettulah Gulen’s fomenting the overthrow of the Turkish government, which, if successful would move Turkey in a direction inimical to U.S. interests. Clearly, the United States doesn’t need a Gulenist regime ruling over this key NATO ally in a crucial part of the world.

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SOURCE: Washington Times

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12 Comments on "When moderation masks a radical agenda"

  1. This whole article is a part of turkish Goverment’s black propaganda against the gulen movement. In Turkey 90 percent of media is under dirrct control or influence by the dicta regime of Erdogan. On top of that, the Goverment paid millions of its own taxpayers money to different law firms and bloggers like this one to sue and create a negative image against gulen movement. It is a part of press freedom on the side of washington post but people in the press can either be bought or paid to write. My suggestion is just go and meet these people and the schools.

    • FirstAmendment | January 23, 2016 at 11:32 AM |

      So can commenters… j/s

      • Yeah. One of the top money making job is commenting 🙂 poor bloggers didn’t know that

        • I’ve seen paid commenters on sites. Not saying they bring home the bank but do get paid to spew their propaganda.

          Here we only report the news and leave it up to the readers to make up their own opinions thus why we have a comment section.

          • I worked several companies who went into paid marketing with bloggers. And most of the bloggers were welcoming paid jobs. That is a way of income generation for them. This is the reality of blogging.

            And for this article, the accusations are same as used by Turkish government in non islamic countries. If you happen to go an islamic country, this time it is the other way around. The gulenists are pawns of America and Israel. They are being used to corrupt the teachings of Islam. They are not even muslim, they are christian etc…

            In short, blogging is fine, but accussing a group of people using the weapons of the enemy is unethic. And there are many accusations with no evidence provided. You can’t even cite an example for most. Just to give you an example, there is a shortage of teachers in science and math related fields. And there are many schools brining foreign teachers to fill the gap yet you are claiming that they are taking the job of the Americans.

          • The Gulen Movement is an organised crime syndicate and a cult. They are not recognized by mainstream Islam. The have illegally and unethically misused the H1-B visa program. There are NO SHORTAGES of American school teachers. In fact the Gulenites at these charter school would claim laughably to paents that they were scholars. How can you be a scholar w/o a doctorates degree? In fact most only have an assoc. degree or a B.A. (if their credentials have not been falsified) and cannot even speak English. We can only hope that Robert Amsterdam the atty hired by the Turkish gov. will round up these frauds under the Civil Rico Act. It was not just teachers the Gulenites were trying to bring on H1-B visas but painters, janitors, cooks, construction project managers, legal clerks lawyers , as if there is a shortage in any of these fields. The Gulen Movment is a disease and they should not have access to young minds never the less our tax dollars. I hope Fethullah Gulen gets extradited back to Turkey to face his crimes if not imprisoned here with his cult members.

    • I have met the people at these schools. Most cannot speak English, they are very arrogant and full of shit. They claimed seven years ago that they were Turkish scholars (hardly Turkey is like the bottom of the world education standards) they claim to have a waiting list for the schools ( there is no waiting list another bullshit sales tactic) They have yet to vet that list. They claim that your children are going to get a real European Education. Turkey is not in Europe it is in Asia Minor. They also claim that Turkey will be accepted into the E.U. another laughable joke. Not with Turkey’s and Gulenites human right violations and crimes against humanity– Turkey will never be a part of the E.U. Ever they don’t want these barbarians. The bottom line is The Gulenirtes are the least eduacated in the world trying to teach your children. They are full lies and unethical behaviors, thieves of your tax dollars with incomprehensible delusions of grandeur and arrogance. Just a very creepy scary bunch who should not be around your children.

      • The best part of democracy is having the chance to make your own decisions. So if they can hardly speak English then the parents wouldn’t send their children to these schools. Eventually the lack of students will lead to closure. Simple. But if there are parents and students sticking to these schools then we all have to respect their decision.

        All those other claims? Coming from any part of the world doesn’t make you superior or inferior. Isn’t the origin of Steve Jobs or the father from Syria. Did it make him inferior. Or simply take president Obama… And their claims, well read man, EU has ongoing negotiations with Turkey to make the country a part of Europe.

        And why hide your true name and identity.

        • Your lack of transparency and lies denies famlies the chance to make the right choice. Do any of these charter schools in the USA ever come right out and say “HEY !! We apart of the Gulen Hizmett Movement?” the answer is no. They may say we are inspired by Mr. Gulen but there is no organic connection. We have the proof they are a prt of Hizmett. Also as beneficiary of American tax dollars we have the right to look at the books anytime we want. That to they readily conceal with mis using money to hire H1-B visa applicants in there fraudulant scams. Would parents be likely to enroll their kids then. The answer is no and you know it. Con artist and scammers.

          To answer your question about Stove Jobs yes he was from Syria and his mother that raised him was Armenian. You know the people that Turkish Ottoman Empire slaughtered in genocide. The same history you try to erase from your bloody hands. In fact your Turkish teachers come here and try to teach our children that jews were responcible for their own genocide in WW2. You guys have no place in education never the less in this country. You are not even loyal to your own country but only to Gulen You like your master are men with out a country.

          • I don’t own the schools or work in them so before making a claim, establish the facts or a basis. There are many schools run by different churches or ngo’s and why care who owns them. Check what they do? Are they giving the right education? Or are you claiming that the American parents are dump and can not understand what a good school is.

            Second about so called Genocide. Turks and Armenians lived together for a thousand years. Armenians accepted the Turkish rule and they still have their own language, culture and religion. Can u say the same for the native Americans. Or who brought the slaves from Africa. Have you red Armenians sold as slave in the history. Or do you have any idea how many Turks died during first world war. Why is the issue of Armenians so hot. do you think it is for humanitarian reasons. If we are so humanitarian, then why not stop the genocide in Ruanda, or Bosnia or so many other killings around the world. How many civilians died in Vietnam war. Or take second world war, how many Japanese civilians died. Do you even have an idea?

            The list can get much longer. The point is, the history is always written by victors. And killing, fighting and any kind of hate talks, like in this article and your comments should not find a place in our present world. I, for one, am willing to take action to oppose it. Hence commenting here. Don’t fuel the anger or the hate in people by such comments. We are all human beings with mistakes. We are not liable with the mistakes of our forefathers. They are of the past and should stay there as reminders to create a better future.

          • the Armenian Genocide and Native american Genocide is very similar Until your founding baba Ataturk decided to swipe them off the face of the planet. Even by your statement of “So Called Genocide” is proof of your denial. As far as Christian Schools go they are privately funded and paid by the parents directly. The Gulen Charter Schools are funded by the tax payers and used as a front to import more Hizmett members. Even the American teachers they hire are scrapped off the bottom of the barrel and are lacking as teachers. The evidence is the cases of documented abuse on students by both American and Turkish staff, cases of pedophiles molesting children at the Gulen inspired charter schools, racism against black and Hispanic children. Even the principal of Arizona / Phoenix Sonoran Science Academy wrote his SO CALLED doctoral thesis based on racial stereotypes of his own students. It was in poor taste and very very unprofessional. To list a few cases of abuse in Gulen Schools, locking kids in closets, scrubbing toilets with bare hands, making a girl do bear crawls on the hot asphalt until her hands blistered bled, denying a child to go to the office to call parent over an allergic reaction. Your cult is very bazaar and should not be around children at all. Dove science academy an 8 year girl raped by older student , Harmony science– acting teacher having sex with 15 yr old student. In Louisiana students left in classrooms for unsupervised for days where inappropriate behavior between students went on to be reprted… That same school your attacked and slandered and even threatened harm against teachers who went to the officials and media… We are supposed to trust you unqualified,, amateur,, under educated hacks with money and safety and welfare of children? I have so many more examples to go on. Just cash in and go home already. In the end you will be in jail and then kicked out anyways. No body wants you here in America or in Turkey.

  2. Wow, of course it is a cult, but what faith based institution is not? And, as for H1Bs for teachers. That is insulting to professionals. It is just an attempt to create cheap unqualified labor to compete with actual American professionals, and yes we want our kids taught how to be Americans, by Americans. When we have a demand for teaching Turkish, I am sure we can find immigrants. Privatization of schools is bad enough, but turning them over to ideologues is insane. As for paid blogs, get real, CNN gets paid. Blogs at least are motivated by truth.

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