Pregnant CNN anchor Poppy Harlow passes out during live TV broadcast

CNN’s Poppy Harlow passed out live on-air, but is reportedly OK after the incident.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow passed out during a broadcast Monday morning, a shocking moment captured on live television.

Harlow, who is six months pregnant, began slurring her words before passing out.

She was not on-camera at the time — a graphic was covering the screen — but her shocked colleagues could be heard responding as she stopped reading and passed out.

Harlow expressed appreciation for viewers’ concern.

“Thank you all for your concern and messages! I am ok!” she wrote on Twitter. “Passed out briefly and am with the doctor now. So thankful to our amazing CNN team.”

She also shared that her growing baby — who is due this spring — is fine.

“Was a scare but we are both ok,” she wrote.

SOURCE: NY Daily News