WannaCry: What is ransomware and how to avoid it

Malicious software or “ransomware” has been used in a massive hacking attack, affecting tens of thousands of computers worldwide. Software security companies said a ransomware worm called “WannaCry” infected about 57,000 computer systems in 99…

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WIVB web site should stop giving free rein to Buffalo’s racists

It sounds like language you’d expect only at a right-wing hate rally held behind closed doors. Instead, it’s posted in the comments section of a local news station – and sometimes allowed to remain up…

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Cellino & Barnes

Cellino and Barnes has filed to dissolve

The famed “Cellino & Barnes” jingle may soon be a thing of the past. Ross Cellino Jr. filed a lawsuit against his longtime partner, Stephen Barnes, in State Supreme court Wednesday to dissolve the firm, according to…

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Jakarta’s Christian governor sentenced to prison in blasphemy case

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Thousands of Indonesians gathered outside Cipinang prison in East Jakarta on Tuesday evening to express solidarity with a man who, just hours earlier, had been serving as their governor. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, widely known…

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Tennessee Scientology facilities close after police find patients held as prisoners inside

A series of psychiatric facilities operated by the Church of Scientology in Cannon County, Tennesee were raided this week by police after they were alerted about patients being held against their will. The Cannon Courier…

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Minuteman III

US Military Just Test-Fired Minuteman 3 Missile Capable Of Carrying Nukes Around The World

In an ever so escalating war theater between the North Koreans and Americans, USA has just test-fired another inter-continental ballistic missile that can carry a nuke virtually anywhere on the planet. Wednesday’s show of force…

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Arizona Finds Simple Way To Get Entitled Muslim Refugees To Leave

Thousands of Muslim refugees have already left Arizona on their own demand and many more will follow because of one VERY simple thing the Arizona residents are doing. This comes after hordes of Muslim refugees…

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Microsoft’s new Windows 10 S will take on Chrome OS

Microsoft’s Windows 10 S is targeted at classrooms, and top PC makers will ship low-cost laptops with the OS in summer Microsoft hopes a new Windows 10 operating system called Windows 10 S will usurp…

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white privilege

Its Time for White People to Pay for Privilege: The Equality Tax

Its irrefutable, white people are privileged. Recognition of this basic fact of life is not enough. Its time to take action to level the economic playing field. At a time when PoC is still tremendously disadvantaged,…

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Student Union Wants to Ban Clapping and Cheering Because it Excludes Deaf People

Britain’s largest national student union has told attendees of its annual conference they would face “consequences” for cheering and clapping because these forms of expression exclude deaf people. The National Union of Students (NUS), which…

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