Microsoft Schedules Upgrade to Windows 10 Without Users’ Consent

Redmond again accused of trying to upgrade PCs to Windows 10

Microsoft rolled out the Get Windows 10 app in mid-2015 to ease the transition to the new operating system with features that help you automatically scan PCs for software compatibility issues and download the necessary files to launch the installer.

But every once in a while, the Windows 10 upgrade process was started without the user’s consent, or at least that’s what many of those who just wanted to stick with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 claimed, and it was all due to the Get Windows 10 app.

And it appears that the same app is now responsible for a different strategy that would ultimately push the Windows 10 upgrade on PCs running an older version of Windows, according to a report from Tom’s Hardware.

It appears that the Get Windows 10 app has started scheduling the upgrade to Windows 10 without actually asking users for permissions, which means that the process might actually start without them knowing about it.

You can still cancel the upgrade

If they spot the scheduled upgrade, they still have options to cancel the move to Windows 10, but otherwise, the process could start as planned. In other words, while Microsoft hopes to upgrade your computer to the new operating system, it’s not actually forcing it to initiate the process, only that you’re not informed about the scheduled upgrade.

On the other hand, with the free upgrade offer ending on July 29, time is running out for eligible Windows computers to make the move to Windows 10, so in case you do plan to perform the switch, there’s no better time to do it than right now.

The best thing about the Windows 10 upgrade is that you don’t necessarily have to continue using it because, once you install and activate your copy of the OS, you can safely downgrade while retaining the license. This means that you can return to Windows 10 at a later time without losing your license.

The Get Windows 10 app will be removed on July 29, when the free upgrade push ends, so you won’t hear any other reports about such attempts beyond this date.

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SOURCE: Softpedia