Microsoft Now Forcing Windows 10 On Unexpected Users

Former Microsoft employee’s take on how Microsoft is pushing Windows 10, mind you he is a Windows 10 adopter.

Microsoft is using underhanded tactics to force Windows 10 installs on users boxes to bolster their adoption #’s and to support their unified platform and telemetry collection ambitions. This video will break it down for you and show you how to protect yourself.

My thoughts about Windows 10 on older systems.

I tried on 2 separate systems to upgrade to Windows 10 both ended in complete failure. The first system a Dell Vostro 430, I spent 2 weeks trying to get it to work. Even switched out hardware, upgraded the ram and Installed a SSD drive. But with constant random crashes and reinstalling the Windows 10 multiple times, I finally gave up and returned that system back to Windows 7. This was not a upgrade but a full fresh install of Windows 10 Professional. When I viewed the Event Log it netted me no useful information on why the system would just crash and reboot. Only info I got was the “previous shut down was unexpected”, well duh I figured that out on my own Microsoft.  There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for these random crashes. System could be running for as little as one minute or as long as 72+ hrs and it would crash, even if there was nothing running in the background. Since re-installing it back to Windows 7, that system has ran 48+ days with no issues.

The other system a Dell Inspiron 15 N5010, was an upgrade and I had nothing but stability issues, no crashes but system would become unresponsive. Tried several things laid out by Microsoft but none resolved the problem. This system was a fresh reload of Windows 7 with all updates and drivers installed. I ran it for over a week prior to doing the upgrade with zero problems. I tested the hardware prior to doing the Windows 10 upgrade. Scanned the system for Viruses, Malware and Rootkit infections as well. Luckily I made a backup image of the drive as reverting back to 7 was out of the questions due to the stability issue.

My thoughts here is older OEM system have problems with Windows 10. I’ve had Windows 8 based OEM system come in to my shop after upgrading to Windows with no issues. But plenty of 7 based OEM system that have had issues after the upgrade. Issues were no sound (but device was present), no CD/DVD (Code 19), random crashing, compatibility issues with installed application, missing applications after upgrade, no internet with WIFI but LAN worked fine, problems with clicking icons on Desktop and other misc issues. My conclusion is this OS should have never been pushed on older Windows 7 based systems.

Not bashing Windows 10 as I do have it installed on my Lenovo which was shipped with Windows 8 with no problems. Actually ran the Preview Build/Beta on this system and I really liked it. Note Lenovo did release Windows 10 drivers for this computer once it went public.


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